Getsuyoubi no Tawawa Mar 21th 2016

A new character is coming, this time is a milf dentist that guarantee Your tooth will not hurts as hell.

The Milf Dentist

The Milf Dentist

But Why I use different picture as thumbnails?, because one doesn’t simply resist to J-chan’ cosplay

This girl name is Iori-san, well actually I don’t know her real name but she use 伊織もえ (Iorimoe) as her twitter name. you can follow her twitter @moe_five

And please don’t use her picture as Your FM, just please don’t


J-chan IRL 1/6

J-chan IRL 1/6

J-chan IRL 2/6 Say cheese

J-chan IRL 2/6
Say cheese


J-chan IRL 3/6 Fuken Close Up


J-chan IRL 4/6 Ohh… That pic reference


J-chan IRL 5/6 Just don’t say her assets is also J size


J-chan IRL 6/6 marvelous pose

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