[GFNote] Neuron☆Creamsoft – Tanoshiki Tokimeki

Just fuken bored, and suddenly wanted to record my (pathetic) play from GFnote game after long time abandoned.
Playing a rhythm game using keyboar is kind of frustating if You used to play it using smartphone.

for a start, I play the first song of this game. by the way this song is also the OP of the anime adaptation

Neuron☆Creamsoft – Tanoshiki TokimekiSaya mah apa cuman bisa normal, maen pake emu flexibilitas terbatas

Posted by Juota Jevellery on Friday, March 25, 2016

Cosura μ’s Performance – Snow Halation

Well…  This is no an actual post
I just don’t know what to post

A certain community’s μ’s performance at Choco Days event last month

SD 480pLove Live School Idol Project – cosura μ’s – Snow HalationMulai Lelah, but at least Penontonnya rame :^)Ba dum tss

Posted by Juota Jevellery on Sunday, December 20, 2015